Monday, August 3, 2009

Good...Bad...or Ugly?

I cant make up my mind on this one. We are destroying functioning tangible property, replacing it with that we cannot afford and yet again allowing one subset of the American population to finance that of another. I personally as a broke college student am tempted to buy the 200 dollar truck sitting on my neighbor's property just to trade it in for 4000 dollars towards something new.....but i cant afford it.

So what are we gaining from this? Environmental protection by scrapping the cars worth tons of emissions in embedded production so that the new car can save maybe 100 gallons per year? An economic boost by enticing once again the average American to spend beyond their means? Saving the auto industry by boosting sales temporary, only to allow a further crash when these new cars last longer and run better?
This program has potential, the potential to make everyone happy with a shiny new car in their driveway. Is it really worth it?

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